author: Marischal Murray

Longmans, Green & Co.


A South African, Marischal had an unrivalled knowledge of the South African shipping scene, and was the obvious choice of author when the Union-Castle Company decided to bring out a book to celebrate the centenary of the line.

The entire project was overshadowed by Sir Vernon Thompson, who insisted there be nothing detrimental (in his opinion) to the Company's image.  Additionally, it was long suspected by the Marine Staff, Sir Vernon had a particular dislike for the sea going staff, and the navigating staff in particular.  There were many manifestations of this, possibly the most obvious being that both the UK and South African office staff enjoyed liberal travel concessions, similar privileges only came to the sea going staff with the take over of the Company by the Clan Line.  In this book this antipathy is (in my opinion, other readers may disagree) demonstrated in the almost complete avoidance of any mention of sea going staff.

However as a general history of the Company it also falls down on the early years.  As a work of reference it does not compare with Marischal Murray's 'Ships and South Africa'