I found this post card on one of my 'junk shop' forays, I am not at all certain this is not the replacement ship of the same name built in 1917.



Elders & Fyffles; 1913; A.Stphen & Sons; 5.948 tons; 416x53 x30; 584nhp; 14 knots; triple expandion engines. The liner Bayano was taken over early in the First World War for service as an auxiliary cruiser. On March 11th, 1915, the vessel, under command of Cdr. H.C. Carr, was on her way to Liverpool to coal when she was intercepted ten miles NW by W of Corsewall Point by submarine U-27, Lt.Cdr. Wegener. The attack took place at 5.15am. The Bayano sank very rapidly and only four officers and 22 ratings were saved. Fourteen officers, including Cdr. Carr and 181 ratings were killed. The SS Castlereagh, Capt. McGarrick, arrived on the scene shortly after, but although she saw much wreckage and many dead bodies, she was chased away by the submarine and prevented from making a search.